Wound Care Dressings

UMT aims to provide the latest fibrous wound care products to the customers. Most of our wound dressings are designed for gelling and high absorbency and are indicated for the management of moderately to heavily exuding, partial and full thickness, chronic and acute wounds.

These products include:


Alginate dressing is made from sodium alginate extracted from seaweeds. Sodium alginate is converted into calcium alginate by a precisely controlled ion exchange process.

UMT employs the latest processing equipment and techniques in fibre spinning, carding and packaging for quality and effective cost management.


Chitosan is derived from crab shells, and is well known for its haemostatic and bacteriostatic properties.

As an animal derived material, the biggest challenge for Chitosan wound dressing is to manage the risks associated with such a material. UMT has successfully manufactured a Chitosan wound dressing that has full regulatory body approval for marketing.

Chitosan wound dressing is a class III device in EU.

Silver Technologies

UMT has developed a number of antimicrobial wound dressings that incorporate silver in the materials.

The silver dressing acts as an effective barrier to bacterial penetration and this barrier function helps to reduce wound infections.