Silver Alginate


SEQUA® Silver Alginate Wound Dressing

It a versatile primary dressing indicated for moderate to highly exuding chronic and acute wounds where there is infection or an increased risk of infection. The even distribution of ionic silver permits antimicrobial activity; while the silver deeper within the dressing acts as a reservoir to provide sustained silver availability.

We use the silver ionic technology, high silver content or the total amount of silver made available by a dressing does not relate directly to greater antimicrobial activity. This is because silver exists in several chemical forms. Silver metal (Ag) can only become effective as an antimicrobial agent when it transforms into silver ions (Ag+).

Silver ions damage bacterial cell walls and interfere with DNA synthesis. Silver ions also denature proteins and enzymes, and inhibit protein synthesis, killing the bacterium. This multi-targeted mechanism of action means that ionic silver has a far lower propensity to induce bacterial resistance than classic antibiotics.

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High absorption and fluid retention

Reduced pain during wear and at dressing removal

Easy application and removal

Safe and effective for 7 days for a wide spectrum of microbial infection


Infected wounds or those at risk of infection

Partial thickness (second-degree) burns

Diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers and pressure ulcers

Surgical wounds n traumatic wounds n wounds that are prone to bleeding

Oncology wounds n donor and recipient graft sit

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10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton


10 pcs /carton