Wound Closure Device

SEQUA® Wound Closure Device consists of medical adhesive tape, a pair of polypropylene hasp and liner. The tape is aporous nonwoven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive. The main body of the device is a pair of polypropylene hasp that is designed to allow for a non-invasive closure of a wound and to encourage a tight closure of the wound for an early and successful healing. The non-invasive technique reduces tissue trauma and improve patient comfort, and possibly causing less scarring after healing. Wound Closure Device is individually packed and terminally sterilized.




Wound Closure Device is indicated to close acute wounds such as lacerations and surgical incisions. Itmay also be used in conjunction with skin sutures for large wounds.

No sutures, less scar

Quick to apply, easy to use

Ideal for Accident &Emergency


  1. For patients with deep wounds, subcutaneous suture operation may be performed according to local clinical practice. See Figure 1
  2. Clean and dry the skin around the wound, making the wound edges as neatly as possible. See Figure 2
  3. Take the Wound Closure Device out from the package, and peel it off the liner. See Figure 3 and 4
  4. Position the hasp over the both sides of the wound and Press the adhesive tape with finger gently along the direction of the ribbons and ensure the adhesive tape stick firmly onto the skin. NOTE: apply the Wound Closure Device at a regular interval to ensure about 2 mm space between the devices. See Figure 5, Figure 6, Figure 7
  5. Hold the ribbons of Wound Closure Device with two hands, then pull the hasp gently to tighten and close the wound until the hasps are locked. See Figure 8
  6. Cut off the ends of the ribbon. See Figure 9
  7. Apply a suitable secondary dressing to protect the hasps and the wound site.
  8. To remove: lift and peel the device off the skin slowly towards the wound. Peel along the surface of the skin carefully to avoid damaging the wound. See Figure 10






Package Specification

 2/3/4/5 pcs/set, 5 sets/carton