PU Foam

SEQUA® Polyurethane Foam WoundDressing(PU Foam) is one of the major advanced wound care products and aving a goodbiocompatibility and conformity.We are also developing antimicrobial PU foamusing both PHMB and silver technologies


MVTR (Inverted and upright)

Bacteria barrier (double laminations)

Designed to protect the skin from breakdown causedby moisture, friction and shear forces when used as part of a protocol of care.

Absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft gel,maintaining a moist wound healing environment that supports the body’s healingprocess.

Locks in exudate through vertical wicking which mayreduce the risk of maceration of the peri-wound skin.


Management of moderate to heavily exuding partial to full thickness wounds including:

Venous and Arterial leg ulcers

Diabetic foot ulcers

Stage I – IV pressure ulcers

First/Second degree burns

Traumatic wounds

Product Specification

Non-adherent with film

Non-adherent (no film)

Island (bordered), Heel

Size: 5x5 – 20x20 cm