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Wound Closure Device


The Wound Closure Device consists of an assembled pair of polypropylene strips fastened on medical nonwoven adhesive tapes. The product is designed for a non-invasive closure of small and superficial wound. The wound device is also applicable in closures of surgical incisions and lacerations to replace traditional sutures, staplers and sealants.

The product is flexible and easily to apply. 





How does Wound Closure Device work?  

The strips of the wound closure device are adhered to both side of the wound through the adhesive nonwoven tapes. The toothed tabs on each strip can be pulled to close the wound. The tabs are then locked by the female connective elements mounted on the opposite side of the strip. The wound is kept closed until healed.


Performance characteristics

The nonwoven adhesive tape are one of best 3M medical tape which offer gentle but secure adhesion of the strips to the skin.

The moderate closing force ensures an easy application for medical workers.


The product has a strong breakaway force providing a secure lock of the toothed tabs.


Unique design of three parallel tabs providing balanced force for the even closure of the wound.





Wound Closure Device is indicated to close acute wounds such as small cuts, lacerations and surgical incisions. Wound Closure Device may also be used in conjunction with skin sutures for large wounds.


Examples of Clinical Applications

For wound closure on forehead


                Before                                          During usage                                      After


For caesarean operation

During usage


After use