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CMC wound dressing is a nonwoven pad or ribbon made from Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) fibres. The most obvious feature of the dressing is its gelling property, i.e. the dressing transforms into a crystal gel on contact with water. This feature is very important as a wound dressing. The gelling of fibre can help the absorption of wound fluid. It also helps in providing a moist wound healing environment to promote an optimum healing process.


UMT also has established a re-enforcement process to add stitching yarns to the CMC dressing. The re-enforced version of CMC dressing improves the wet strength of the material and helps one-piece removal during the dressing change.




Standard CMC dressing                           Re-enforced CMC dressing


Raw Material

The raw material of CMC wound dressing is cellulose fibre which is made from natural wood pulps. Unlike the traditional cellulose fibre such as viscose rayon, the cellulose fibre for CMC wound dressing is manufactured through an environment friendly process which also give the unique gelling property to the CMC wound dressing.




The chemistry of CMC fibre


We have developed a complete in-house process to convert cellulose fibers into CMC fibers. The validated process allows precision controls of the process parameters to deliver the unique gelling and absorption performance of the material.


Features and Benefits 

  • Gelling and absorbency: The dressing’s high absorbency comes from the unique gelling property of the material. The high absorbency improves the exudate management capability of the dressing. Typical measurement of dressings absorbency is shown in below diagram [REF 1].



  • Fluid locking: The unique gelling characteristic of the dressing helps the locking of the wound fluid in the dressing. This can help to reduce or prevent macerations of the periwound skin.



  • Conformity to wound bed: The soft gelling makes the dressing more conformable to the wound bed.
  • The gelling of the dressing makes it easier to remove at the dressing changes.



CMC Dressing is designed for the management of moderately to heavily exuding partial and full-thickness chronic wounds and acute wounds, and to control minor bleeding in superficial wounds.

The dressings can be used under compression bandages.



[REF 1] data on file TP1190R