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Polyurethane Film Dressing


The product consists of backing, polyurethane film (with medical pressure sensitive adhesive) and release paper. The product is sterile by Ethylene Oxide and applicable for surgical, traumatic wound or indwelling venous catheter stickers.


Features and Benefits

The product is designed for securing primary wound dressings to allow easy application and secure fastening of the dressing.

The product can also be used for safe fixation of CVC, PICC and venous indwelling needle, providing complete and effective solution for intravenous fluids and wound management.



  • The characteristic of Ultra-thin and highly breathable film provide comfort to patients.
  • Transparent low visual reflections are observable for wound and location of catheter.
  • The film also offers a barrier for bacteria to reduce risks of infection.
  • The film is waterproof and wearable in shower.
  • Highly vapor transmission rate ensure an optimum moist environment between the film and the wound/skin.


  Performance Characteristic  

Peel strength:

Great and balanced peel strength, providing a stronger and firmer adhesion.



Lower stretching force offer a good extensibility, less restraint for movement and more comfort to patients.  


Vapor transmission rate:

High vapor transmission rate can prevent sweat accumulation providing moist balance for the skin.