Indication for Use
Antimicrobial efficiency for 7 days
High absorption and fluid retention
Wet integral and easy application and removal
Reduced pain during wear and at dressing removal
Effective for a wide spectrum of micro-organisms
KytoCel is indicated for the management of moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds, and, due to its haemostatic properties1,2,3,6 may be used to control bleeding in superficial wounds. Under medical supervision KytoCel may be used for the management of the following wounds:
Pressure sores (Stage ll-lV)
Venous ulcers
Diabetic ulcers
Leg ulcers
Donor sites and Graft sites
Surgical wounds (e.g. post-operative wounds left to heal by secondary intent)
Skin abrasions and lacerations
Superficial and partial thickness burns
Trauma wounds

Sorbsan Silver is intended for use of breached dermis, where the wounds can heal only by secondary intention:

Flat or shallow wounds
Infected wounds (when moderated heavily)
And is therefore suitable for the management of:

Partial and full thickness wounds
Arterial, venous and diabetic leg ulcers
Pressure ulcers
Post-operative wounds
Fungating lesions
Following toe-nail avulsions
Donor and graft sites
Traumatic wounds
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