Sorbsan Flat is a sterile, non-woven, calcium alginate wound dressing, high in Mannuronic acid and low in Guluronic acid.

The fibres of Sorbsan Flat swell and form Sodium-Calcium alginate gel in contact with wound exudate. The gel:
Provides a moist wound healing environment1
Conforms to the contours of the wound2,3
Atraumatic dressing removal3
Quick and easy to remove by irrigating with saline (0.9%) solution4
Promotes haemostasis5,6
Minimises the disruption of newly formed tissue7
Highly absorbent ( 40-50g/100㎡ vs 20g/100㎡ for the other fibrous dressings)
Alginate or CMC contact layer to speed up healing
Fast and vertical absorption helps to lock the exudates
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