• Calcium Alginate Dressing
  • Calcium Alginate Dressing
  • Calcium Alginate Dressing
Calcium Alginate Dressing

Brand: SEQUA

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 3 to 4 Weeks

Supply capacity: 1 million pcs each month

Sorbsan Flat is a sterile, non-woven, calcium alginate wound dressing, high in Mannuronic acid and low in Guluronic acid.

The fibres of Sorbsan Flat swell and form Sodium-Calcium alginate gel in contact with wound exudate. The gel:
Provides a moist wound healing environment1
Conforms to the contours of the wound2,3
Atraumatic dressing removal3
Quick and easy to remove by irrigating with saline (0.9%) solution4
Promotes haemostasis5,6
Minimises the disruption of newly formed tissue7


Calcium Alginate Dressing

SORBSAN@ Alginate Wound Dressing is an advanced wound dressing manufactured from sodium alginate extracted from natural seaweeds. With the calcium in the dressing being exchanged with sodium from wound fluid, the dressing will turn into gel when in contact with wound exudates, which maintains a moist wound healing environment and is ideal for the management of exuding wounds.


Alginate can be used in the management of multiple chronic wounds, including diabetic wounds, venous wounds, pressure ulcers, cavity wounds etc.

SORBSAN@ Indication for Use:Alginate Dressing Factory

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