• Re-enforced CMC dressing
  • Re-enforced CMC dressing
  • Re-enforced CMC dressing
Re-enforced CMC dressing

Brand: SEQUA

Product origin: China

Delivery time: 3 to 4 Weeks

Supply capacity: 1 million pcs each month

High absorbency
Strong wet strength
Bacteria locking
Moist environment maintaining
Infection reducing
Less pain
Gelling property

Re-enforced CMC dressing

SEQUA®Cel Extra , A Re-enforced  CMC wound dressing is a soft nonwoven pad or ribbon dressing made from 100% carboxymenthyl cellulose (CMC) fibers. CMC wound dressing is proven technology for absorbing wound exudates.

We have developed a complete in house process to convert cellulose fiber into CMC fibre which turns into crystal gel when in contact with exudates. We have also established know-how for the production of CMC dressings.


CMC wound dressing can be used in the management of multiple chronic wounds, including diabetic wounds, venous wounds, pressure ulcers, cavity wounds etc.

SEQUA®Cel Extra Insutruction for Use:Re-enforced Hydrofibre dressingCMC wound dressing

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