SequaHold Wound Closure Device

SequaHold Wound Closure Device consists of a pair of polypropylene hasp with medical adhesive panels. The adhesive panels are porous nonwoven coated with pressure-sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive. The device is designed for non-invasive closure of wounds. It allows gentle application of pressure on closure for an early and successful healing. The non-invasive technique reduces tissue trauma and improves patients’ comfort and possibly causes less scars after healing.
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  • Sequa®Hold Wound Closure Device is packed in poly/paper pouches, then into cartons and shipper cases. The packaging configuration is shown in the table below:


    Regular Sizes

    Qty per box

    Qty per shipper case



    10 boxes/shipper case



    10 boxes/shipper case

    More sizes can be provided on customer request.


    Sequa®Hold Wound Closure Device is sterilized by Ethylene Oxide (EtO).


    Sequa®Hold Wound Closure Device is CE marked under EU Directive 94/42/EEC, and is available for distribution globally excluding UK.



    Simple use.

    Reduces tissue trauma and improves comfort.

    The product can be applied to irregular wounds without restriction of wound dimensions.

    Needle-free suture helps to reduce wound infection rate.

    Needle-free suture on the scar surface accelerate wound healing process without secondary damage. 



    Sequa®Hold Wound Closure Device is indicated to close acute wounds such as lacerations and surgical incisions. Wound Closure Device could also be used in conjunction with skin sutures for large wounds.


    Instruction for Use

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