Sorbsan Wound Probe

Sorbsan Wound Probe is a plastic stick engraved with metric scales (1 cm intervals). The probe is composed of 99% acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and 1% colour master batch. 

Sorbsan Wound Probe is CE marked under EU Regulation 2017/745, and is available for distribution globally.
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  • Directions for use

    1.Hold the wound measurement probe gently along the wound area/edge to be measured.

    2.Align the tip end of the probe with one of the wound edges as the reference point, position the probe along the wound edge or direction to be measured.

    3.Read the scale on the probe.



    •Measurement the wound size or area

    •Used in forensics and evidence collection



    It is intended to help doctors/nurses to estimate the wound sizes/areas for the evaluation of wound healing process.


    Instruction for Use 

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