Quality And Regulatory

Our rigorous Quality and Regulatory protocols have been designed to ensure your products meet all standards for regulatory compliance. We are committed to advancing that goal through robust quality management systems, stringent quality controls and an innate understanding of the global regulatory landscape.


We have a professional Quality and Regulatory team responsible for ensuring that all development and manufacturing activities are fully compliant with the requirements of the current regulations and quality management system. By implementing full quality managements in production environment, raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products we ensure that all relevant quality standards are satisfied. We also monitor each production and environmental process separately to ensure that all quality risks can be effectively eliminated at the earliest stage in the whole production chain.

From product development to mass production, we implement full verification or validation program to ensure that the output of production meet the product spec and the user requirements. The full life cycle of products is under the control of our strict quality management system. We are committed to constant quality improvements to optimize our quality management system to achieve product safety, effectiveness, and reliability.




Our quality and regulation team work closely with the relevant notification bodies to ensure that our development and production works comply with all new regulations/standards. We continue to maintain and update our quality management certificate and other product clearance certificates in line with new standards.

Our regulatory department works closely with our partners and regulatory agencies to successfully complete the product registration and certification. We can provide high-quality services in both product registration and quality system auditing.