Driven by Innovation

Grounded in Science

We combine our expertise in advanced wound and skin care products, and our manufacturing and production knowledge, to produce superior performing products for our global B2B customers.


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Our rigorous Quality and Regulatory protocols have been designed to ensure your products meet all standards for regulatory compliance. We are committed to advancing that goal through robust quality management systems, stringent quality controls and an innate understanding of the global regulatory landscape. 



    Fibrous Technologies including chitosan, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), alginates and superabsorbent dressings.


    Absorbent Cover Dressings including skin friendly silicone based wound dressings, polyurethane foam dressings, transparent film dressings and hydrocolloid dressings.


    Wound Irrigation Solutions for cleansing and moisturising acute, chronic, and contaminated wounds.


    Surgical Wound Closure including our specially designed non-invasive skin closure device, for surgical incisions and lacerations helping to close wounds by manipulating the edges of the wound together.


    Antimicrobial Solutions ionic silver delivers a rapid and sustained antimicrobial action, this has been shown to reduce infection. We are able to offer ionic silver version of these dressings.



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