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New Site Construction

Foshan United Medical Technologies Ltd (UMT) has recently made an announcement that a piece of land has been acquired by UMT in the neighboring town of Dali. A brand new purpose built state-of-art facility will be built here in 2023 and will become the new headquarters and manufacturing base for UMT from 2024.


On Oct 29th 2022, UMT held a ceremony to mark the start of construction of the new site.




UMT has planned to make an investment that exceeds 200 million RMB into the construction of the new site and the installation of more production equipment.




Dr. Xiaodong Wang, the CEO of UMT delivered a speech at the ceremony.

“The commencement of the construction of this new site is a sign of UMT starting the exciting phase of growth to become a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced wound and skin care products. This will accelerate the progress for UMT to establish the much needed research and production facilities ready for the next 10-20 years of growth.”